Cleanup Week 2023This annual event cleans up our cities by giving residents an opportunity to dispose of household waste and other large items at no charge. Click on your city to find out what day items will be collected at your address.

Cleanup Week Photos

One big pile? Just say no! Please separate items by type.

One Big Pile
Don't do this!
Big Junk Pile
Piles like this make our job much harder. Please separate items of the same type into distinct piles (tires, appliances, furniture, brush, household garbage, etc.). Separate trucks collect the items.
Appliances Pile
Remember the limits! We only accept two appliances per household.
Lumber Pile 1Lumber Pile 2
The two piles of lumber here would not be accepted in some communities. Select your community on the home page to find out how building materials are handled in your area.
Tire Pile
This pile of tires was collected from Fargo homes during Cleanup Week. Many cities accept tires during Cleanup Week. Select your community on the home page to find out how tires are handled in your area.
Microwave Pile
This dumpster is filled with microwaves collected in Fargo during Cleanup Week. Microwaves count as one of the two appliances allowed per household. Dilworth charges a fee for microwaves.
Separated Pile
The person who arranged this pile provides a good example of separating items and of using disposable containers.